lauantai 19. lokakuuta 2013

Winter´s at the bay, folks.

 Made a quick "keitispuu",, three piece construction  out of sticks, to hang the small kettle above fire. Keitispuu is made out of word keitis, that suggests for boiling-cooking and Puu, that means both, wood for material  and tree.

Before i decided to take a longer pause, i used my Wild Stoves woodgas stove MK II, to make some tea, but then my buddy showed up and i did the bigger fire. However, this stove is absolutely magnificent. It bursts heat to warm yourself and your food, and its very stable, plus, it packs in to very compact size. The only thing it needs, is something to collect the winter, its pretty damn safe without one too.

 Yesterday it started to pour snow a bit better :)

 Taking a pause, while hunting grouse ( metso & teeri species in finnish..), this morning. Small swamp pond at high,rocky ground... Not complaining at all...crispy  weather, just tiny wind and few degrees under zero celsius, fire, sausage, coffee,  and most of all....not hurry to do a thing or to go to anywhere, just time to chill out.
 Firewood making, for work & money and for my self.
 Resin oozing from fatwood, in the heat of campfire (  Nuotio, in finnish)
 Fatwood, which we call "tervaspuu" as in tar-ish-wood, aint rare in my area at all....luckily.
Time to change for winter tyres and to find pair of snowshoes, ski´s and ahkio sled, from storage, it seems.

Just few days ago, the first sun came after i took this snapshot of my dog bathing in the fall sun.

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