maanantai 10. joulukuuta 2012

One knife

This is something i havent  posted as ready ever, i think ?

I can only hope that it will be used as a cleaver or a machete, and not like tactical doorbreaker / train rail cutter/  bender /log splitter,  as its meant to be use like a meat cleaver, for cutting, and slashing, whittling only, just as a normal knife ;)

Rosewood handles, seamless stainless steel tube rivets, ball bearing race steel, forged 95% to actual shape , not ground, to shape, plywood sheath liner and leather sheath.

Wooden Vic handles & sheath liners

Just a snapshot showing you the new handles i am making for my Vic Hiker, to get rid of the plastics, as well as a small lot of wooden knife sheath liners waiting for finishing. The plywood liner is going to my own fulltang leuku.

The Victorinox handle scales are made of rosewoo/palisander/dalbergia, and the other of em , has a small piece of reindeer antler sunken in it. These are not finished yet.

sunnuntai 9. joulukuuta 2012

Simple leather press for Vic sheath making.

Had a bit of boredom, and i tuned some plywood junk in to this simple, yet obviously effective gadget.

With this thingy, i can make wet molded small pouches for Victorinox "swiss army" knives. I tried it with a leftover piece of some scratched veg tanned leather, with 2mm thickness and i like the results already. Just a bit of sanding here and there to leave less marks on the leather and thats about what ill do anymore.

I can adjust this to suit snugly for various Vics as the inner mold slides up and down with aid of and small screw inder the lower mainpiece, but just as well, i can use 8mm steel washers, dropped over the oak sticks, that keep the inner piece in its place, to adjust the sheaths inner space.

Yep, nothing fancy, but works.