sunnuntai 6. lokakuuta 2013

Life´s good here.

I like it now, when the days are colder, and i hope hard, for permanent sub zero weathers, for this month, it would help me on grouse hunting, and i could live without this foggy, muddy weird season easily....

 Kånken is pretty darn good haling small, compact hiking gear, mine takes a stove, the wood fuel, a coffee pot, a kettle, and all i need.
                                   I dont care what some say.....i KNOW it can take a whole  lot of gear.

I took a dayhike in the woods with my dog and girlfriend, but as i have this cracked ankle, i didnt walk so much, as she did . Instead i stopped at familiar open area, and opened my new favourite, Fjällräven  Kånken, took off my woodgas stove and tea, rum and water, lit the stove and enjoyed watching the leaves in the wind, aas well as small game birds passing over the opening. If id had my rifle, it would have been an easy job to get some bird meat but i didnt take it with me. I just whittled and talked to my dog, and took a nap, and such, till my girlfriend came to my tiny camp and we returned the trail to the cabin, and had a nice long bath in the sauna.

Now, as i write, i am enjoying a mildly fried, salted fresh moose calf liver, that was todays catch on the moose hunt season.

2 kommenttia:

  1. we too are seeing the last few days of it before the weather changes, keep posting your home looks so fantastic at this time of year

  2. All the best for your ankle!

    I like this misty part of the season quite a lot actually, but then I am a masochist at times...;-). I would not say no to that elk liver (elv liker?;-)), indeed...with a tea with some rum, if you don´t mind, thank you;-).