keskiviikko 9. lokakuuta 2013

DIY anvil, from railroad track.

Just a few snapshots of todays tinkering.

I had this crude rude anvil that i made a few years ago, and never even used it. I made it from non-used piece of heavier railroad track, about 40 centimetetrs long one, with blow torch and angle grinder and thats it, since i didnt have any other tools to make it prettier.

Today, i found it at morning while i was looking for my sheel metal brake, for one wood stove project.

 And i managed to get my self next to lathe and mill....and i now, could machine the railroad tracks convex like shaped face and the cheecks of it , even and straight, to get 90 degree angles in between the facing surfaces.

After these things, i used angle grinder and few sandpaper wheels attached to it, to make the horn a lot niver for forging, and some roundings that i did here and there.

What do you say ?

But thats about it, i have to run now !

2 kommenttia:

  1. GOSH!!!! We have one in the smithy still, but nowhere nearly as clean as this one! Congratulations to quite some craftsmanship!!!!!!!!

  2. Excellent work ! Takes me back to my days of machining.