maanantai 7. tammikuuta 2013

Survival series, thinking. Military service = survivalist 4 sure ?

For last few days ive been reading a bit of this Dual Survival series and the fuzz about the characters in it, being changed and the reasons behind the changes.

It got me to think, again...

The military / army and survival skills, and the realtionship between the two.

I mean....they sure like to throw advertisement of series, with persons having military background. This is somewhat awkward to me, as i dont know, simply KNOW, how does going to military, af almost any kind, in any country, turn you in to survival expert. Especially if you connect the though to our civilian life and the outdoors activities involved in it.

Does  it make a person more beliavable as a survival guru, if you show him in military area, gunning in sandbox, or jumping with parachute, posing in jungle with smeare camo on their faces ?

How is that connected to survival. Offcourse in War, you are survivor if you dont get yourself kille in action by enemy actions or, as it happens, friendly fire or bombing.

Do they teach, in every single country, to every single man, survival skills so much, or how much, if any ?

In our country, they sure dont and its a Shame. Ive seen tents almost burned, thanks to not knowing how to use stove, ive seen axe cuts, since guys dont use axes before army and in army its rare nowadays. Theres not lessons in trapping, no studying nourishment from mother nature, no water cleaning, no firemaking classes, so much that you could actually call it as a class or course....anymore. Back in the days, men lived off the land and especially the people from countryside, got the info and skills, almost from mothers milk. Gone are those days, and i think we have just a few small special units that have survival skills in their training.

So, maybe the fact that in our country, every soldier is has Not gone through survival classes, not to mention in a major scale, i seem to bit lost, if i think a soldier as survivalist, just like that.  And it makes me wonder even more, when the tv-series characters bacground is secret, like a james bond, that watching crowd just has to believe that the soldier is offcourse, naturally, for sure an survival expert, when they only show , in advertisement, bits of shooting and stuff, not related to actual outdoors survival.

Dont get me wrong though, i am most likely going to watch the series and see how the new guy acts, and even more, i think, i have big expectations. Not only regarding new guys skills, but more, much much more i am interested in his person, as his predestorleft big boots to fill, if you are waiting for person, and as its entertainment too, a written series with financial interests from producers, i think they have had to choose by those factors as well.

Maybe a soldier sells, to big crowd, better than a truely educated and experienced lifestyle woodsman found from a shack behind the mountains, with no CV nor a courier to brag with ?

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  1. You're talking tv here, mass media....
    Words like "trueth" and "reality" do not appear in their vocabulary.
    Only "sentation" and "ratings".... It is all make belief, even those crap survivalshows.

  2. There are quite many survival shows made in past few years. all of them are interesting and / or fun to watch.
    Dual survival IMO is one of the most interesting one because the hosts and skills presented in the show was not "Yippee-ki-yay, I gonna f**k the mother nature" survival. Also the interaction between the two was very fun to watch.

    now the new guy in the show, who needs to fill the big shoe... or even boots... who he was advertised with gun shooting skills... military special pos background... then in the show, pulling out his kick ass "Do not mess with me" Rambo knife to chop some twigs from low bush....

    lets see what he will be bringing in to the show.

  3. Survival/bushcraft and military escape and evasion skills are very different too - I remember the first woodlore course I did it was a revelation as the differences between the military and civilian skills where amazing

  4. how were the skills different ? were the soldiers better or average people ?