keskiviikko 9. tammikuuta 2013

Had the first shot with the tiny axe along the day

I was working in the forests today, ad the weather was going from minus 1 to minus 5, so it was a warm, sweaty day, crawling kilometers after kilometers in knee deep and deeper snow that was pretty damn wet. Well, after the task was over, i was about to head to home, but instead i hiked a mile or so to my buddys cabin, and while doing that i called to my gf, and asked her to join me....and to bring few beers with her :).

When i got to the cabin i took the tiny axe that  i showed you just day or so, ago, from my pack. I had been using it along the day, with stuff ranging from quarter inh to 2 inch diameter, without it failing in any way, while cleaning brush, making a fire for coffee etc, but now when my gf arrived she brough my camera with me. She had to walk 4 kilometers from car, as the place has not any kind of road plowing around the year. Well, anyways, i took the first beer, set the sauna on fire and cut some birch quickly to get just some kind of photos before pitch black hit us. Here its totally dark now, at 5 a clock. Well, i must say that i was very pleased to see this small axe, performing pretty darn nice, cutting 2 and 3 inch standing birch with 3 to 6 cuts, with ease, considering its just about 11 inches long total and weights 500grams about. I havent put any axe geeks super edge, nor thought to the edge, but it seems to work and i got a nice few cuts in to my fongers that i noticed when blood was over my camera :).

Also i picked up some miscellanous leftover pieces from firewood making, that we did at summer 2012, and the axe splitted 2 to 4 inhc thick pieces easily, but they were frozen...

Well, i dont have anything special to tell you, but i had a nice bath in nice company, a cold beer and i was excited about my small new tool, as well as happy to see that our new dog, seems to love being in snow all day long with me. I really, really enjoy that now i have dog that can pull a pulk or a sled, plays in snow, and does not run away if hes  taken off the leash .

 He got a sausage reward for his work as my buddy in the bush

. Few hours of bathing and diving in to the snow, and then we headed home, where i had a chance to change the soaken wet work clothes and i am feeling soo relaxed and i think ill hit the bed now.

Well, maybe ill continue making new needle case for a moment.

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  1. Hyvä päivä sul ollut ja komia kirves :)

  2. Juu ei ollenkaan huånoo, ennemmin hangessa töissä kun konttorissa.

  3. stoopp!!! I am drooling on that axe:)

    I have read that you have used the käärmekiila on that axe. How did you make the slit/cut on tukkapuu? I hve been wondering what would be the common or correct way to fir that wedge and you are the first person I see used it.

  4. Ozme,

    to me the käärmekiila is about the only good way especially with these finnish style axe heads, ive made my first like....20+ years ago :), as my grandpa and everyone used snakewedges so i learnt it from them.

    You dont even have to cut always, any slits, if you have good tight wood for the wedge and such, but you can use like hacksaw blade to make the slit. Dont make the wedge longer than the axe head, as it will othervise split the helve easily.

    Drive here some day, and i can translate some snake wedge advices from Kirves book, and show it to you hand to hand.

  5. That axe is very, very great and beautiful, a real treasure... congratulations!