maanantai 14. tammikuuta 2013

Small rough knife for a dog sled driving friend.

Heres a picture of a very simple, raw knife that i made for my friend. She works as a dog sled driver / guide, and shes very tiny with very tiny hands.

The handle is just barely 10cm long total, and the actual gripping surface is just about 8cm long. Its made out of salix caprea ( i think:)....) piece, and the other parts are moose antler back plate and cow horn front ferrule / bolster, and leathe washers. Theres two small brass screws securing the butt plate as well.

The blade is forged rough from 22mm diameter truck coils spring, and its some 16cm long total, and the thickest part is 5mm.  It has edge, somewhat convex-like so its quite "dull" so it could last better, cutting frozen meat or dogs and small fire kindlings, as well as scraping snow and ice away from gear.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Hyvän näköinen keklu :) Toi peräpää on hieno ja hyvä idea laittaa luuperä. Perän kuviointikin on kiva yksityiskohta. Ja toi raita on ihan hyvän näköinen kahvamateriaali.

  2. Juu toi terä on ollu mulla pienen ikuisuuden ja sain ny aikaseks tuollasen sentään. Kaasuahjo kesken viä mut jahkas se valmsituu niin pääsee taoskeleenki jotai itte.

  3. Thät´s a beauty for sure! The knife, that is...;-)