tiistai 4. kesäkuuta 2013

Tiny firesteel job to spend time.

I got fed up to one of my LMF firesteels. Not to the firesteel itself, but the looks, the feel, apprearance of it, so like two hour ago i went pulled the plastic handle off from it and started to tinker a bit.

 I made a new, smaller reindeer antler handle to it, and after that, i thought that why would i not i replace the nylon lanyard as well so i made a leather lanyard with small carabiner thingy on the other end of it. I think it came out pretty nice, compared to original black plastic handle & black nylon lanyard combo.

3 kommenttia:

  1. kiinnitykseen hyvä idea, ja ehkä tuo nahkainen on pikkusen hienompi kun muovi..

  2. Really great looking firesteel which makes me almmost forget that it´s actually very modern firemaking tool.

  3. Finnman,

    You do realise ( i hope ) that customizing a firesteel, with what some might call as traditional material, or style, is not an attempt, at all, to turn the firesteel in to any kind of flint & steel type of primitive method of making fire. Its all about the handcrafting, making the item look better in owners eyes. I didnt write a single line, about how modern is the firesteel, or call it traditional, nor primitive, i was only telling about my shot of customizing the bit boring firesteel.